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“Karen has such a calming manner and a unique ability to help you recognise, uncover and understand deep rooted and outmoded behaviour patterns – that support the blocks in the way of your own self-care. Understanding the origin and nature of each behaviour generates a deeper awareness of, and connection to ‘self.’ With Karen holding the space it’s easy to flow into self acceptance, enabling release and therefore the space for a new path of self-love and self-care becomes very real.”


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Harmony – Peace – Balance


“There came a time in my life when the nagging choirs of identity, fear and lack of self-esteem played such a negative role in trying to find a way forward that I came to the conclusion that I needed help. Big step for a relatively older man, who had ploughed an un-remarkably normal furrow. A revelation indeed. Karen has a gift for listening, encouraging and picking out the relevant issues to deal with. The only requirement from me was to be honest and to listen to the answers that my body gave up. The culmination of the work that we had done, I can only describe as an amazing, cathartic release of so much of life’s baggage. Karen was present, encouraging and knew exactly how to help. After that page turning experience, the next few months resolved into a new self-confidence, a re-aligning of what is important and a clarity of purpose in my work on personal growth. I will always be grateful to Karen for her skill and judgement in making such a difference to my life.”