Would you like to dance through life with versatility, fun and playfulness?

Hi, I’m Karen and I have spent my whole life observing and supporting people and almost 20 years as a Life Coach. I’m here to help you restore your overall well-being so you can bring yourself back to a sense of wholeness and harmony.

meet karen

My Story

I was a qualified nurse for twelve years working in orthopaedics, in the community and finally as a Practice Nurse in a doctors’ surgery and bring those same caring qualities to my writing, guided meditations and coaching.

When my son and brother died it was the most devastating and the most magical time in my life and I struggled. My body literally said ‘no’ to going back to a life of striving, exhaustion and false purpose. It took me some years to resolve the extreme trauma but with Determination I began to Heal and became the Master of my own Life and work once more.

I use the gifts that came from that profound life experience to help others.

For you and me

After my son’s death I started to write again. It helped me get my thoughts out of my head and process what was going on. I loved it so much, I knew that one day I would write and publish a book.

I have had many false starts as I worked out what I want to share.

I now combine my passion for helping people by creating, Guided Meditations and jargon free, Self-Help Books.

My intention is to share all that I know in a bite sized and easy to understand way. Everything I’m teaching within the pages of my books should have been taught to us when we were children, if only our parents and carers had known and not been so stressed themselves. It is my wish that everyone has access to these skills and knowledge and can choose to integrate them into their lives.

My Passion and Lifestyle Choice

Time and space to be. Family, friends and love. Self-expression and creativity.
To dance and sing through life.
To revel in nature.

I am told I bring a sense of calm to everyone I meet and, through my words on the page.

Knowing what is most important to you, what really matters, makes life so much Simpler. What doesn’t belong in your life falls away and the rest can be Embraced.

My Purpose and Life’s Work

I am a pattern detective pouring all my gifts and talents into helping people to find more balance and harmony in their lives by cutting through the corruption we’ve been told and sold and getting to the core of who we really are. Our True Selves. As we Balance dark and light, male and female energies within ourselves for true Equality,
We transform:

Chaos into Harmony;
Inertia and Apathy into Determination;
Exhaustion into Resolve;
Indifference into Versatility;
and our Weaknesses become our Strengths.

“I have had a fair amount of coaching over the years, and Karen is one of the best. She is incredible at holding the space and being empathetic, whilst not letting you be distracted. The work I have done with her has taken me to a really deep level and shifted some stuff that has been tripping me up for the last 25 years. I now really feel free of a lot of baggage I had been carrying around with me. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her and her process. I am very grateful to have worked with her.”

Ruth Steggles, The Fresh Air Coach

Talents, Skills and Experience

Wife Mum Step-mum. Peaceful Warrior. Art, colour, nature and people lover. Playful, Curious Chameleon. Addicted to learning and expanding my awareness.

Blogger. Storyteller. Meditation Teacher. Writer. Coach.



Professional Credentials

NLP Master Practitioner. Meditation Teacher.

EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner. Matrix Birth Reimprinting Practitioner.

Associate Certified Meta-Coach. NLP Diploma in Personal Mastery.

NLP Diploma in Communication Mastery. NLP Diploma in Leadership and Managing Change.

Diploma of Higher Education in Nursing.

“Karen helps you to understand your own behaviours, where they originate from and how these patterns can prevent you from putting yourself first. Through clearing the path to seeing what your personal needs are gives great release and confidence to accept and listen to your true self.”

Lucy Anderburg