Self-Help Blogs, Books and Meditations
to create a life of Harmony.
Self-Help Blogs, Books and Meditations
to create a life of Harmony.

I use my Versatility in my life and my work to Support you in finding your True Self and living the life that’s Right for You

Energy – Versatility – Balance

This is a place to Recover, Nourish and Honour your True Self.
What I want most for you is to come home to yourself. And be who you want to be.
To live life Authentically and with Integrity.

For Families and Communities to come together in Unity and Equality, celebrating the differences we all bring and making the most of our collective talents, passions and skills.

When my beautiful son Luke died in a car crash and over the following twelve months, we also lost my cherished brother, a friend and an uncle in two further crashes, I was devastated.
Heartbroken and numb, it was a very dark time.
But fortunately, I knew I had a choice and I chose to find happiness again.

Resourcefulness – Oneness – Knowingness

Are you ready to come home to yourself?

Allow the life that wants to be expressed through you to begin.
Start with The Harmony Habit Blog and treat yourself to a free Calming Meditation

Simple – Accessible – Effective

Self Help Books and Meditations to empower you.

“Karen is the most beautiful person I’ve met in a very long time. She exudes a rare gentleness and authenticity that inspire confidence and trust without judgement. She’s been through immense difficulties herself and turned her experience of the darkest times into joy, a zest for life and a genuine desire to help the rest of us to do the same. And, through her example and guidance, she has built confidence in me – a confidence that I can get there too, a confidence that I can exchange my emotions of grief, guilt, failure and anger for happiness, positivity, fulfilment and a re-connection to the real me. Above all she has given me back a sense of and desire to truly be the best possible me.”

Emma Jones, Footprint Coffee.