The Harmony Habit
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How is your mental health and emotional wellbeing? Really, how are you?   A few weeks ago, in what is usually an intense journey from our home to the train station I found myself relaxing. It was rush-hour and my son needed to get a particular train. Of course, as usual we left a little […]

When symptoms won’t go in spite of a healthy lifestyle

This year working with a Healer and surrendering to the Universe I have made some huge leaps forward and massively reduced chronic health symptoms (that have plagued me for over 14 years) and increased my energy. We have cleared a lot of old trauma (including from past lives) and I have had to diligently ensure […]

The Alchemy of Grief During these Weird Times

Grief can open us up to life. As my heart was breaking open after the death of my son, my life felt like it was falling apart. What that looked like was a roller coaster of emotions spilling and falling from my body. It was messy, untidy and noisy. For a short time, it was […]

Surrendering to the chaos of 2020

This year has been tough even for the most resilient among us. There have been different kinds of losses including deaths and freedom. I have swung many times between fear and sadness. As the global situation has played out on the world stage my own unresolved stresses have surfaced. And each time I have had […]

‘Normal’ has died

Many people are grieving but perhaps don’t know it. The world has changed since the onset of the whole covid/fear pandemic. Many people are afraid, for many different reasons. Remembering when my son and brother died just 8 months apart, it was sudden and unexpected. Shocking, devastating and magical. Something had shifted. I knew life […]

Calm – A Guided Meditation for you from Karen

Dear Lovely Ones, I am sending you love and blessings and wishing you well. Some years ago you may have signed up for my blog. Thank you. I am about to begin afresh and wanted to give you the opportunity to remember me or choose to unsubscribe before I get going with regular blogs and […]

“Karen was so supportive and dedicated in helping me to look at things from different perspectives and see things more clearly as well as learning what I could actually control and let go of what I could not. This helped me enormously in my relationships and in my confidence.”

Elaine Morgan, Artist

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